Jump Stars

Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, Jump Stars shakes up the party game genre with a twist so clever it’s a crime no-one has thought of it before.

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A multiplayer game through and through, Jump Stars introduces simultaneous competitive and cooperative objectives, tasking players with meeting certain goals for the good of the party – whilst ensuring that their individual achievements will see them emerge on top.The game comes complete with a selection of unique mini games, each of which wraps a simple premise around a devious twist to create levels which’ll have players howling with delight. For example: In Cool Aid, competitors must stand on snow spots to keep their cool in a stage that’s set ablaze – it turns out that if your character starts to look like a s’more that’s fallen into the fire, you’re in trouble! Tailspin sees teammates jumping over a giant rotating arm in near perfect unison, but falling out of this rhythmic jumping harmony can prove hazardous to a player’s health – some would say fatal.

Hunger Pains plays out like a platforming pie eating contest, as contestants dash across the level consuming pies to stop themselves from shrinking into nothingness. And that’s not to mention The Gauntlet – a sprawling level filled with opportunity to win big… or lose bigger. Proceedings are overseen by the fiendishly ominous Host, who ensures viewers are kept up to date with proceedings – and depending on his rather “split” mood, he may reward your successes with praise, or throw a wildcard into the mix to boost his ratings!