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    “We’re huge fans of the party game genre, and we wanted to create something with a twist to the party platformer experience,” says Jordan Morris, creative director, Jamit Games. “For us, the dynamism of co-operative and competitive play is what makes Jump Stars stand out from the crowd. That constant uncertainty of when your teammates might turn against you, and when should you turn against your teammates. That’s what we love, and that’s what still makes us laugh in the studio when we play it, and we hope it’s that uncertainty that families will love about it this Christmas.” “Jump Stars was birthed from a game jam,” adds Isaac Howie-Brewerton, studio director of Jamit Games. “It was a small project that we did together for a bit of fun. It was something for us to enjoy together. And, over time, it’s evolved into this fantastic, ridiculous, TV-show-inspired experience that we have now. For us, the best part is that we still love playing it. Because of the way that the mini games are designed, something new and completely unexpected can always happen even to us. I think the next thing is that now we can’t wait to see what people make of it this Christmas.”


    Awards & Recognition

    “Best Indie Game” – Play Expo, October, 2015

    “Top 10 Games of EGX 2015” – Game Spew, September, 2015

    Selected Articles

    • “dodging…leaping…or playing hot potato with TNT. Like Wipeout but the cameras never stop rolling.”
      – Alice O’Connor, Rock Paper Shotgun
    • “I’ve been waiting to try Jump Stars for a while now, it didn’t disappoint!…I can see this game creating and ending friendships with a lot of fun in between!”
      – Bobby of XGR, Xbox Gamer Reviews
    • “…pick up and play mechanics, super bright visuals and cleverly created mini-games…it’s the go-to game for those family Christmas moments. If only so you can leave your Nan in your wake!”
      – Neil Watton, The Xbox Hub
    • “…the trolling potential is huge…punching or pushing each other in the pursuit of victory…definitely on my watch list.”
      – Vindred, Best Game Ever


    Team & Repeating Collaborator

    Jordan Brent Morris
    Creative Director

    Isaac Howie-Brewerton
    Studio Director

    Aidan Wilson
    Technical Director

    Tom Woolf

    Matthew Ashton Cooper